Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School

As I get ready to head back off to school (meh... work) , I made this list while thinking of how to better organize my work space.  Studying is my top priority (especially at my school) and keeping a clear desk where I can better focus is key.  However, I dont want to sacrifice style for utility and these products get the job done while looking pretty all the while.

-Notebooks that are fashionable yet durable enough to last the semester
-A paper weight for keeping all of my loose odds and ends in order
-Eco Stapler to help the environment and to help save me from that unbelievable stressful moment when you are out of staples and you're chemistry lab is due in 10 minutes (true story)
-A desk lamp to help me see in those incredibly dark dorm rooms
-A coffee cup. I am pre-med- self explanatory
-Picture frame to remind me of all of my friends and family
-Atlantis pens, I will never use another pen, they are simply the best and easiest to write with

Just for the record: I am sorry that all of my posts recently haven't been about the North Fork, but when I get home from work and the gym at 8:45 there really is nothing better than curling up with take-out and watching Suits (or any of the other summer shows I am unabashedly addicted to)  I will try to produce one decent North Fork post this week I promise!

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