Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy Days

I woke up to a cold rainy day, and I was quite annoyed by it to be quite honest.  Summer to me is about hot beautifully sunny days and this was just not going to cut it.  So I threw on waterproof shoes got a hot latte (so disappointing) and walked out into the what can only be described as icky weather. 
Rainy days call for cute basics but since I cannot stand getting wet I require quite a few precautionary pieces.  Number one, my hunters.  I could not live without these.  Living on a college campus with a lot of puddles, these get the job done in style.  Plus pick up some of the cute fleece inserts and you have your winter boot! The bubble umbrella serves the same purpose, except it protects your hair from that unattractive frizzy thing it does when it gets rained on.  Lastly, I am obsessed with the Ikat print.  I have purchased 2 bathing suits, a dress seen here and a scarf all with the print this summer.  It gives the perfect amount of pop that an outfit needs without being over the top. 

Bottom Line: make sure your rainy day essentials keep you dry but still keep your style with a few pops of color!

1 comment:

  1. I love demi-trenches, and I'm glad fall is coming, because I love fall style!

    x. jill