Friday, August 5, 2011

North Fork Favorites: Food Edition

As I was heading to work today, I decided to ditch the usual cafeteria food in favor of one of my top-picks on the North Fork.  That got me to thinking about what places around the island truely are my favorite and I have come up with a few places that I feel have to be shared.

For Produce:
Krupski's Farm (on the Main Road in Peconic heading East)
Krupski's is the epitome of family owned farm on the North Fork.  I have been coming out here since I was born and I cannot remember an October where my family did not go to Krupski's to pick out our pumpkins and stumble through their corn maze.  In the summer they have some of the freshest produce around and have a great variety.  Their white sweet corn is unbelievable, and once you have had it nothing else will suffice.

For Organic Fresh Produce:
Sang Lee Farms (North Road in Peconic heading East)
Sang Lee originally had its start decades ago growing fresh produce for the Asian markets in New York City, recently they have taken to producing some of the best organic produce around.  Although they are limited in the vegetables and fruits they offer, and some what pricey it is worth it for the quality.  Also, their dips and sauces are unreal.

For Pies and Baked Goods:
Briermere Farms (North Road in Riverhead heading West)
Briermere is, in my opinion, the ONLY place to buy any sort of baked good on the North Fork (be it bread, cookies, pies, or even jams).  It is so yummy that even people from (gasp) the Hamptons venture over to our side of the island for just one or five of their unbelievably delicious pies.  I reccomend the peach cherry pie, or if you are feeling like not wearing a bikini anytime soon the raspberry cream is delicious.

For Fresh Fish:
Southold Fish Market ( Main Road in Southold heading East)
The Southold fish market is everything you'd expect from a fish market.  You walk in and the floor is damp with sea water, and anything that you would want to smell is masked by the smell of fish.  The days catch is laid out on ice for you to pick out, and undoubtably there will be an old lady carefully eyeing which flounder she wants to take home that evening.  Simply the best price for fresh fish around.

For Sandwhiches on the Go:
Piping Plover (Main Road in Southold in the Feather Hill complex)
Opening just a few years ago, Piping Plover has definitely made its mark on the north fork.  With fast friendly service and obviously good food, they provide everything you want on a Saturday when you are itching to get on the water.  I can honestly assure you that nothing is bad on their menu and anything you have will keep you coming back for more.  My personal favorite, the honey apple chicken salad wrap- it will put all other chicken salads to shame.

For Inexpensive Laid Back Lunch:
Crabby Jerry's (Greenport part of the Claudio's complex)
Claudios has been an institution on the North Fork dating back to the time of prohibition when it was a speakeasy.  Crabby Jerry's is their fried food hub.  Sitting on a dock facing Shelter Island, it is the perfect place to bring a family hungry for some yummy (yet not exactly healthy food).  It is very family friendly and the kids will have a fun time checking out the lobster tanks.

For Coffee:
Aldo's Coffee (Main Road in Greenport heading East)
If you are a true coffee aficionado, which I like to think I am, no other coffee will cut it when you are out on the North Fork.  This is the type of place that I will take the extra 20 minutes and drive to for an exceptional cup of coffee and unbelievable scones. Owned by the infamously eccentric Aldo, who emigrated here from Italy, this hole in the wall coffee shop is out of this world.  He is the type of coffee purist that if you dare reach for a splenda, you better be ready for his looks of disapproval. Simply put, best cup of coffee I have had on this side of the Atlantic.  While you're at it, pick up a pack of his famous (literally they are, they sell them at Dean and Deluca in the city) biscotti, I still have no idea how he makes them so good.

For Pizza/ Italian Food:
Michaelangelos (Main Road in Cutchogue and Mattituck)
Simply the best Pizza on the north fork and the most variety.  I love the chicken and broccoli slice because it fills me up and is totally delicious.  On Mondays and Tuesdays they have pasta night where you are given a whole meal for quite a reasonable price.  My mom and I go every monday in Mattituck and catch a movie after.  It is one of those traditions that I miss so much when I head back to school.

For High Tea:
Greenport Tea Company (Greenport on Mainstreet heading towards the water)
Although high tea does not exactly epitomize the North Fork, the Greenport Tea Company is honestly one of my favorite places to go have lunch with girlfriends.  With an unbelievable amount tea choices and a small cozy dining room, it is like revisiting the tea parties of one's youth but now with actual food and somehow acceptable for grown up girls.  The food is delicious and is a sure bet for a fun lunch.

For Ice Cream/ Ices:
Magic Fountain (Main Road, Mattituck heading West)
The Magic Fountain is an institution on the North Fork and has been for decades.  Only open in the summer, my mom has been going there for ice cream since she was a kid, and has turned my sister and I into fans as well.  Unmistakeable by its orange exterior and ice cream mural, it is a place only for ice cream.  There is no seating inside and all the seating available are two benches outside, yet it is the only suitable place to get great ice cream on the North Fork.

Ralphs Ice (Main Road, Greenport heading East)
I am a self proclaimed ice aficionado, and this is the best ice on the North Fork.  Although I believe ice to be better than ice cream, the ices are great and there are so many different varieties.  Simply the best way to end an evening in Greenport

Believe me I could go on forever, and I dont even WANT to touch dinner because there are just too many good places.  This is just a sample of all the delicious food on the North Fork, have fun and enjoy trying new places as well! There are always new places to be discovered!

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